Just around 7 years ago I was in Hokkaido.

Hokkaido travel .

Hokkaido travel ... It is an annual event in our house every summer. Moreover, the destination is Dobuto, hot springs & secluded parking. This is unchanged every year. It is now a World Heritage Site, but we are big fans before being registered. Especially the outdoor bath is the best. Although it is such an open-air bath, there is a place called Kamui Wakka Falls famous for one of Shiretoko's sights. Although it is the danger of falling rocks for the past few years, it can only be part way through, but it flows from the fallsfall. All the rivers are hot springs and it is exactly the best view. However, to go up, you need physical strength as much. Although it will be many years ago, I glanced out of the cliffs brilliantly on the way up, and I have suffered a bad injury in my hands. Because there was no choice, I went to a pharmacy and thought that disinfectant solution and bandage ... but there are no pharmacies on this! It is! I ran as far as 50 km by car. People living around here think that they are doing ?? I saw it on a TV program before, but it seems that there are signboards in the direction of the East ""○ ○, 120 km ahead turn right"". As expected, the land is expanded, and the way of thinking is also dynamic.

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